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Many moons in the making, Beatific is a musical project from the heart and brain of award-winning composer, producer, and sound designer Elad Marish. With support from artist and producer Jeremy Black, Beatific blossomed into a lush, sonically brilliant reality that explores concepts of love, transcending the mundane, intergenerational trauma, and beyond. With an upcoming EP release this fall and the next chapter already in the works, this is a journey you’ll want to be a part of….


Swell Ambient Electronic Collection


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Dream Tape


In the fall of 2018 Jason Lesser released his new self-titled EP, Dream Tape.

This release is the culmination of the long, sometimes arduous, and uncompromising exploration of writing for piano, quartet, voice, and electronics. Through his experiences of love, pain, and the music of the cosmos, Jason was able to create his most personal and ambitious release to date. One in which he hopes the listener will make their own.

These days you’ll find Jason writing for piano and quartet, warping psychedelia into vocal samples, obsessing over analog signal flow, and continually striving to make the prettiest music he can.

Dream Tape

Flow Loris


Flow Loris is a project that emphasizes the organic, raw nature of electronic music. Using analogue sounds, live instruments, and curated samples, Flow loris creates emotional, melody-heavy music that tells a story.

Shaw Quentin


San Francisco based producer and DJ, Shaw Quentin is fearless of boundaries. With House music deeply rooted in his soul, his creativity and yearning for originality speaks volumes through his crafty productions. From Vegas to Ibiza, nearly a decade of experience is notched under this young artist’s belt. From one nautical landscape to another, Shaw seeks inspiration from travel and the slight nostalgia for his adolescent years when his eyes were as big as his dreams. Quentin’s sound is unmistakably groovy, and unifying. Youthful, restless, as he is equally tame and mature. Shaw Quentin is creating a world that encompasses an underground groove with a sun kissed flair.

Marshall Watson


Marshall Watson (Shane) is an electronic music composer, producer and remixer. In 2004 he released his first IDM album The Time Was Later Than He Expected, on the Sheffield label, Highpoint Lowlife. He continued to release music with Highpoint Lowlife, including one more album and several singles on various compilations before relocating to San Francisco in 2009. Connecting with Loöq Records in 2013 at the long standing Qoöl Happy Hour, he signed his EP Do Want What You, which was supported by the likes of Sasha, Chris Fortier and Hernan Cataneo. In 2016 the Barcelona label, Seven Villas Voyage released Marshall’s first ambient/experimental EP, Sitting Near Dreaming. 2017 also saw the release of his third full length album, I’d Rather Be In Space on Loöq Records. He has had several releases in 2019 including a cover of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy on Loöq Records, and Quietly Lost, an ambient/experimental release on Seven Villas Voyage. Marshall lives in San Francisco with his wife and two cats. He is the owner of Marshall Watson Music and is an in-house composer for Swell Music + Sound.

info@swellmusicsound.com // 415.772.5588