Bringing brand stories to life through sonic excellence

From web to film festivals or binaural to broadcast, our award winning composers, sound designers, and mixers will sculpt the voice of your brand into breathtaking sound. With over a terabyte of sound effects in our library, we shape, create, and manipulate sound made to order. Hire us for a brand new composition or choose from our custom library of over 2,500 songs.
  • Swell Music not only worked with us, but brought us into their creative process and gave us the feeling of being on a single team working toward a single goal of creating a beautiful, sonorous experience for our users. They generously iterated with us based on feedback from our user experience research for a challenging sound design experience with numerous constraints. Moreover, the end result of the collaboration was a gorgeous and melodious experience we always enjoy hearing.

    Brian Kemler
    Product Manager, Google
  • Swell Music is my go-to audio and mix house because no matter the timeline or budget they always deliver stellar work. They are creative partners who bring a depth of expertise and premium quality to their craft, whether it’s coming up with original tracks or adding a new layer of storytelling through sound mixing. They are also just good people who love what they do and love to collaborate.

    Dayo Harewood
    Vice President, Creative Director – Viacom Velocity, Music Group
  • I’ve worked with Elad and the Swell team for over 10 years on literally hundreds of projects and they are hands-down my first choice for all our sound needs. Swell provides top notch mixing, sound design, and original music from their vast sound library and most important to me their communication is always air tight which is critical for remote workflows with our company in LA and Swell in SF. They consistently work with us on budgets and have never missed or been late on any deliveries in my decade of experience working with them. In a word, they are the BEST!

    Rik Michul
    Executive Producer, Flawless Post
  • Elad and Marc are class acts and working with Swell is always a delight. From bidding projects to working in the studio and rounds of revisions, working with Swell is a very seamless, stress-free process. I’ve been in situations where I’m hitting dead-ends with clients, and Elad has come up with solutions for me that I never would have thought of, on the spot. I’ve never had a project not run smoothly with Marc and Elad at the helm. I love Swell!

    Ben Evangelista
    Producer, Venables
  • I have been working closely with Marc, Elad and the entire Swell team for a couple years now and they remain some of the best collaborators in the business. They’ve supported us in every way from music pulls, VO records, sound finished and beyond, always delivering top level quality and creativity. Whatever the needs are for a project, both big and small, Swell’s dedication to audible excellence gives us assurance in providing the best quality for our clients.

    Cole Winokur
    Producer, Tempo

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