Swell case study

Golden State Warriors

Swell and GSW are long-standing partners. We’ve worked extensively with the team brand on their campaigns, providing custom sound design, music, and mix across four seasons.

We’ve often wondered if our unique sonic offerings had a hand in helping them win the Championships!

After two years of basketball being shut down by the pandemic, at long last the GSW are back! Enter ‘Ball is Live’ to help encourage fans to get back in the game.

For ‘Sounds of the Holidays’, we got all access passes to record all the sound of the game. We captured shoe squeaks, hoop swishes, ticket scans, and almost a hundred sounds in total to then create this killer mashup of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies in a modern hip-hop style.

In possibly our most exciting venture, the Warriors tapped us to write custom music for their pre-tip in-arena jumbotron videos. We happily provided the hype.

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